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The Team

Within this team, each member shines through their singularity, a mosaic of unique talents and strengths which, together, make up our collective strength. We are more than just a team; we are a professional family where everyone is valued for what they bring, an entity where each individual strength becomes an asset for all, propelling our common project towards ever brighter horizons. Together, we’re not just efficient; we’re unstoppable!!

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About us

A place where you eat like you love yourself! You are welcomed like you should be; with a smile. We have created more than a healthy menu; we offer textures, colors & taste. We have a variety of signature salads (or you can create your own), protein smoothies, overnight oatmeal, lunchbox, croissant coffee and more. Our mission is to offer a menu with only good ingredients; no seeds oils, no fillers, no preservatives because we know you care about your health. Kiwano is also a place to see and be seen with a welcoming design because it’s more than a restaurant, it’s part of a lifestyle. Visit our instagram page at kiwano_freshlove for more information.

Our story

Seeking for adventure and wanting to create something unique, Valerie and Mathieu chose to leave Quebec in June 2022 with their 2 young boys and come to Florida to enjoy the nice weather, the beaches and to create something to live the American dream.

The adventure started in December 2021 with the preparation for the sale of the house, the creation of the concept of Kiwano, the immigration process as well as the creation of Olive&Tomato Group LLC, the holding company of Kiwano. It was a big challenge to start in a new country with no contact, no knowledge of the regulations, taxation, permits etc. Despite everything, they got through with hard work and dedication!

In early 2024, the addition of Mike and Mary to the team ushered in an era of innovation and collaboration, promising to drive the project to new heights together.

Our mission

The concept happened by itself, it just made sense for us; a healthy fast food with a great menu with only fresh ingredients, elaborate flavors with a fair price point. We developed our recipes conjointly with the renowed Chef Christian Uhoda who worked for the most prestigious establishments in Montreal such as the Marriot Chateau Champlain, The Bonneaventure Hotel and as executive chef for the Bell Center.


(754) 888-9899

Mon-Wed : 8h00 am – 5h30 pm
Thur-Fri : 8h00 am – 7h00 pm
Sat : 8h00 am – 4h00 pm
Sun: Closed

9640 Stirling Rd Unit 104,
Hollywood, Florida 33024


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